Impress Your Mates With Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

As an accidental globetrotter I have found myself in some weird, wonderful and far-flung places. From the jungles of Borneo – after a friend of mine decided to not go through with her wedding, and subsequently there was room for me on her ‘honeymoon’; that was one was definitely far-flung – to a week long Buddhist retreat in a sodden Devonshire field; that was a weird one. One of the most wonderful however was a taste of the high life in Monte Carlo, thanks to a generous friend with a spare Grand Prix hospitality ticket.

I have holidayed in the South of France many times, but my first time in Monaco was simply stunning. It may be a small principality minding its own business along the Cote d’Azur but it has an atmosphere that is larger than life; tranquil yet full of vibrancy, simply being there makes you feel like you are one of the privileged few. When you have a chance to sample the Monaco Grand Prix hospitality that feeling becomes pure bliss. This is what dreams are made of. My friend and I had the privilege of staying in a private Monaco apartment that seemed to tower above the streets because of the steep terrain. We had a view of some of the circuit, but our hospitality package had us booked on a super yacht, where we were in for a sumptuous Grand Prix treat.

To say that the accommodation on multi million pound luxury yachts is opulent is an understatement indeed, and when you are being waited on by the best hospitality staff in Europe, you can be sure that it is a pretty perfect experience altogether. Dom Perignon, fine foods and fabulous weather combined to make us almost dizzy with a taste of how the other half live. Although this was a rather extravagant opportunity for a humble travel writer, I discovered that the opportunity to have a slice of the Monaco Grand Prix hospitality pie is not as far out of reach as it first appears.

Sure, if you want to arrive by Lear jet with helicopter transfers, party in the Amber Lounge and spend a whole week in one the most prestigious berths in the port during the Grand Prix week, it is going to cost a small fortune; this is the playground of the rich and famous after all. But if you hop on an easy Jet flight, grab a regular hire car (not a super car as per some of the hospitality packages include) and lounge around on a luxury yacht only during the race, I can assure you, you’d be saving a lot of money.

At the end of the day, simply visiting Monaco is amazing (I have since been back on non-race weekends), visiting during an F1 event is another world, and having the opportunity to mix with the world’s elite for whom Monaco Grand Prix hospitality is a mere weekend away (a bit like regular Joes booking a holiday cottage one bank holiday), then the experience is inter-stellar. Take my word for it, make doing something like this one of those things to do before you hit some aging milestone that has a big fat nought on the end; it really is a wonderful thing to do.