The Wonders Of A Western Caribbean Cruise

Many people who have taken ocean voyages have started with a Western Caribbean Cruise. It’s not only because it is a wonderful journey, but you’ll also visit many beautiful places. It is a very relaxing and informative cruise. You’ll soon be on your way to a very exciting week on the ocean.

The first thing that will need to be taken care of is the booking of the trip. It is suggested that you contact a travel agent or go online to make your booking. Once you have done this, your adventure begins in a week or two. You will not soon forget the trip. It must be noted that you will need to make your own arrangements for transportation to your ship and departure port.

Once you arrive at ship side, just about everything is taken care of for you. Your luggage will be tagged and sent to your room, and when you arrive at your stateroom, all of your luggage will be there waiting for you. You will also be given a passenger identification card. This will allow you to leave the ship in port and get back on board when you are through with your tours or town visit.

After you have settled in, your ships staff will notify you of your dining area and you will be given the opportunity to choose your dining time, either early or late dining. After you have been informed where you’ll be seated for meals, you may want to take a tour around the ship. You’ll need time to find things and the different places you’ll be using during your voyage.

As the ship leaves port, you will be on your way to an exciting adventure and fun times ahead. It’s just about meal time and that will give you a chance to meet your service staff. These are the folks that will be helping you at meal time. These people are kind, and are there to make your meal a very enjoyable experience.

After your meal, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a show, take in a movie or spend some time in the gaming area. Probably, your next day you’ll be pulling into some port like Belize City, Grand Cayman or maybe Cozumel. There’re also places like Montego Bay in Jamaica or a very pretty part of Mexico, a small town called Playa Del Carmen. Each port usually offers enough time to book a tour of the area. Check with the ship tour booking office.

Finally, the trip must come to an end. You’ll have some wonderful memories for ever. Once docked in port, you’ll need to settle up on any money you owe. You should be aware that you should save back enough money to leave a nice tip to your staff who met your needs while on board. Surely you’ll be telling all your friends about your Western Caribbean Cruise and the lifetime of memories you have gained.